Watchman Systems

Florida Time Clock has long been a supplier of Watchman Clocks and Watchman Systems and accessories.  Our experienced staff can assist you in selecting a Watchman Clock or accessory to suit your needs.  There are different options in choosing a Watchman System.  So if you need a Night Watchman Clock or need a Guardsman system, read on for more information. 

Mechanical watchman systems use a mechanism which will emboss on a tape or circular chart.  These clocks do not need digital components and can work by mechanical means such as turning a watchman key crank.  These watchman systems often allow the recording of about 1 week before changing the media.  The Detex Newman uses this embossing mechanism and recieved popularity after industry moved to a two day weekend that was sometimes extended to 3 days for holidays. 

The Detex Newman was the first portable watchclock designed in the United States.  It was built in Texas with quality materials and has a simple operation.  This simple operation provides long life.  No wonder why early on, it recieved the UL and approval by insurance companies worldwide.  The Detex Newman watchman system shows consecutive station stamps, but if a station was missed, that is very easily visible.  It will accomodate up to 40 watchman guardtour checkpoints.

The Detex Guardsman watchclock system provides unique supervision of your guards on weekends, and other days off.  But unlike many watchclocks and watchman systems, the Guardsman operates on a continuous roll of tape.  This will accomodate for up to 120 consecutive hours before needing to change the tape.  The Detex Guardsman is reliable and inexpensive.  It can be installed by one person using simple tools.  Of course, the guard visits each guardtour station in a predetermined order.  At each station, he enters the recording key, which will record the station number on the tape.  The supervisor can be sure the guard visited the station at the specified time.

Electronic watchclock systems use more modern technology to perform their function of recording guard tour times.  The Proxi Pen is a lighweight system and works in the most inclement weather.  It even works under water.  The DAU uses a magnetic tape strip that has a unique bar code for security.  The WinDAU is a new guard tour reporting software that is flexible and user friendly.  The software is easy to steup tours, and evaluate the collected data by running reports.  The WinDAU system features fully user editable text editors and makes it easy to setup and operate.  The software is password pretected and the data is protected with security algorithms. 

We are proud to offer watchman clock supplies and watchman clock accessories.  You can purchase upgrades to your Detex, Amano, and Acroprint systems.  Feel free to contact us with your questions.  We would be happy to recommend a watchman clock system for your guard tour and security needs.  We also sell discount watchman clocks often times.