Pyramid Time Clocks

We are proud to offer the Pyramid family of time and attendance products.  We have offered Pyramid products for years and we have alot experience in sales, service, and support for the Pyramid timeclocks. We offer a wide array of Pyramid products from badge systems, to biometric timeclock systems to software systems.  Please read on below to see more information about Pyramid time and attendance products and Pyramid punch clocks. 

Pyramid employee timeclocks all feature attractive design and full featured functionality.  The Pyramid 1000 time clock is a easy to use system that punches the time on a card that can be of virtually any size.  The Pyramid 1000 only prints hours and minutes but not the day of week or date.

The Pyramid 2400 time clock is an easy to use top loading timecard system.  The Pyramid 2400 timeclock system is simple to setup and use with battery backup and has no employee limit.  The Pyramid 2400 has a quality 9 pin dot matrix printer and has easy to change cartridge ribbon.  You can set this Pyramid employee time clock to function weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly.  It does everything for you.  The Pyramid 2400 has a quartz clock and resets for power outages, leap years, and daylight savings time.  This nice Pyramid system comes with a security lock to prevent tampering.

The Pyramid 4000 employee time clock is a self totaling timeclock that has alot of great features.  It's a popular model that is made in the USA.  The Pyramid 4000 punch clock totals the hours for up to 100 employees although is usually used for 5 to 40 employees.  The Pyramid 4000 time clock totals every time the employee punches out.  The Pyramid 4000 has a modern appearance and is built with quality.  It supports weekly and bi-weekly pay periods.  The Pyramid 4000 employee timeclock system is easy to setup and will save you time and money in operating costs.  It can do rounding in a couple different modes.

The Pyramid TimeTrax Biometric Network system is a time and attendance system that can solve many issues for your employee timeclock system.  The Pyramid TimeTrax Biometric system includes software that will work for up to 75 peoples, but you can upgrade to 150.  This system is ideal for clean office environments and not recommended for other dirtier or messier environments.  The computer does NOT have to be on for the Pyramid TimeTrax Biometric Network system to work.

The Pyramid 7000 master clock system is a good quality option if you are looking for a master clock for your business.  The Pyramid 7000 has a standard one circuit system and set up to 50 events in one day.  There are plenty of rings for most any operation.  The Pyramid 7000 will reset for daylight savings time and this system will run up to 15 clocks and 8 bells.  Florida Time Clock has installed over 200 of these systems and we have the experience to help you through the setup of the Pyramid 7000 system.

We offer many Pyramid parts and supplies for your ongoing support of your Pyramid timeclock product.  We offer Pyramid parts such as clocks and motors.  We also provide Pyramid supplies like ribbons and cards.  Please contact us today about your Pyramid timeclock needs.