Amano Time Clocks

We supply many popular Amano timeclocks including MJR 7000, MJR8000, TCX11, TCX21, TCX22, and many more.  We have carried so many Amano employee timeclock systems for many, many years.  Florida Time Clock is proud to offer quality timeclocks from Amano.   Read on to discover how Amano timeclocks can provide you the functionality you need for your business. 

Following are several models of Amano that we supply.  See our products on this website for availability of course.  The Amano MJR7000 is a tough time clock which is self totaling and has many settings to suit your employee and business needs.  The Amano MJR 7000 has a one year guarantee.  The MJR7000 self totaling time clock has a 100 employee capacity and is very easy to use.  It has all metal construction and is very rugged.  You have options for rounding time and what is called rounding zones for the Amano MJR 7000 employee time clock.  This system adjusts for daylight savings time as well.

The Amano Time Guardian Network Clock System is another great option for your timeclock needs.  There is a network clock version.  The benefits of the Amano Time Guardian Network Clock system are:  It minimizes payroll management tasks, automates the handling of employee time and attendance data, reduces payroll costs, it interfaces seamlessly with common payroll applications, and has a software wizard which guides you through installation for your Amano Time Guardian Network Clock System.  The Amano Time Guardian timeclock system includes the software and reports available such as totals for 100 employees standard, but 250 is an upgradable option for employee capacity.  The Amano Time Guardian also exports to Excel and interfaces with ADP, Peachtree, Powerpay, Paychex, GevityHR, and Quickbooks, and more.  The Amano Time Guardian Network Clock System also backs up your data every day and you can schedule it.  It has a battery supplied power reserve.

Another fantastic and popular option in an atomic clock named the Amano PIX-200.  The Amano PIX 200 has a great design with rugged construction.  This Amaon timeclock will automatically print and has many user selectable print formats including the day of week, standard hours and minutes.  It will print in year, month, date, military and 100ths.  The Amano PIX-200 has a nice clear display and has a battery backup that retains memory settings and time.  The Amano PIX 200 time clock system is easy to get up and running.

The Amano MRX-35 time clock is another great self totaling option.  The Amano MRX 25 is so easy to install and can be set up in under 3 minutes.  This employee time clock has a 50 employee capacity and has quiet operation, great for your office.  This system is very easy to use and accumlates totals for regular hours and overtime.  The Amano MRX-25 has weekly and bi-weekly pay periods only.  The MRX25 timeclock has a lcd with large easy to read letters on this nice Amano punch clock.  This Amano employee time clock model number MRX-25 automatically calculates hours, and eliminates calculation errors. 

Amano also manufactures a nice watchman clock.  The Amano PR600 is Amano's offering in the Watchman Clock industry.  This Watchman Clock has Quartz movement and rugged construction. 

We offer many options for Amano timeclocks supplies.  Since we have offered Amano employee time clocks for many years, we are qualified to service your Amano Timeclock and also offer Amano timeclock parts and Amano timeclock supplies such as time cards.  We offer Amano MJR time cards and much more Amano supplies and parts.