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About Us


Company Profile:

Florida Time Clock, Inc.  Established 4/2/1991.
We have a tight, professional, happy and smart staff. Call us. An actual FTC employee will answer the phone. With over 25 years of experience, we know what we are doing. We keep detailed notes on all accounts, and do not make promises we can't keep. We have even written custom product manuals.

We understand your concerns because in many ways, we are the same as you.

We have built our business reputation on a foundation of hard work, fast response, and proven integrity. Our attention to detail sets us apart from the competition. We have decades of experience. Prior to this, we were in the office machine business. If we do not have the answer, we will find it.  If we do not have what you need, we will help you find it.             

Our equipment is found in many types of businesses, including: bars, retail stores, insurance offices, medical offices, government offices, all kinds of manufacturing, military bases, ships, shipyards, resorts, farms, oil rigs, and more.            

Florida Time Clock provides onsite service to the Central and West Coast of Florida. We ship via FedEX and UPS - ground and air, so next-day delivery is easy. We have equipment in every state of the union, and all over the world - Qatar, Canada, Puerto Rico, Samoa, Australia, UK, and more.

We work closely with business owners, IT managers, PEO's (Private Employment Organizations), HR Directors, office and production managers, and independent payroll providers. We link our software to ADP, Quickbooks, ASCII, Excel, and other export formats. Because of our constant product developoment, you can be assured that we keep current with technology, and have the resources to resolve your technical issues. Our focus is on timekeeping products. We are experts, not generalists. This attention to detail and commitment is your assurance of quality. If in doubt, check our references. We have been described as “fussy”, “obsessive”, and “excellent!” If you call the manufacturers and ask for a local representative in the Tampa area, more often than not, you will be referred to Florida Time Clock. We have worked hard to deserve this confidence.

Company Philosophy:

We built this company on referrals. Our goal is to provide security for our families and work in an enjoyable environment. We put in the hours, we pay our dues, we invest in the business, and we do non-profit work for the community. We live by the “golden rule,” treating the customer with respect.and honesty. We believe that through helping others attain their goals, we will also reach ours.