Time Clock Software

Florida Time Clock offers time clock software as part of our catalog of employee time clock products.  We have been part of the timeclock software industry ever since it's inception.  We have offered and supported numerous time clock software products from a vast array of manufacturers.  Basically, all the big name manufacturers are producing computer based time clocks today.  The computerized software time clocks are provided with a full set of features.  There are alot of choices in the area of computerized time clocks software.

Manufacturers range from Acroprint time clock software, Icon Time Clock Software, Lathem timeclock software, Pyramid timeclock software, and Amano timeclock software.  All these manufacturers and more are offering time and attendance software packages for you to choose from.  Here are some examples:  The Lathem PayclockEZ has a hardware component, but also runs software for an easy fifty employee system.  This system is expandable to 150 employees and uses badges and runs on all the Windows OSs common today.  This system exports data to Quickbooks, Paychex, Primepay, ADP and more.  It works with USB or Ethernet cables.

The Amano Guardian Badge swipe system automatically updates the punch cards.  It does not produce paper cards, it stores all the punch information on the computer software.  The time clock calculations are done on the computer software so this reduces calculation errors.  This system exports the data to the major payroll vendors like Quickbooks, Peachtree, Ceridian, ADP, and Excel.  There is automatic time synchronization to your computer.

Lathem produces a great timeclock software package named the Lathem Touch Station Kit TS100.  This time and attendance software is an easy install since there is very little hardware to worry about.  The Lathem Touch Station uses a biometric fingerprint reader and some easy to use software.  This time clock software system will eliminate buddy punching and will also help to identify successful employee time clock punches since it beeps or buzzes and provides a red or green light.  This is designed for small businesses with up to 50 employees, but is expandable to 150 employees.

The Acroprint Attendance RX time clock software system is inexpensive and easy to setup.  This computerized timeclock software package is upgradable to 100 employees and runs on one PC.  Supervisors can view and edit timecards at the computer and it will automatically calculate the hours worked.  There are many settings for overtime, vacation, and rounding.  You can control 12 shifts and shows who's in and who's out.  You can also add proximity badge terminals to this time clock software system. 

Time clock software is typically scalable to your business.  Often times, timeclock software packages allow you to leverage your existing business investment, which is your computer system.  Your existing computer system and network can be used to bring the time and attendance solution to your workforce.  Time clock software systems often times provide a means to export the data to common payroll vendors.  Also, computerized time clock software can calculate the punches in and punches out automatically for you, thus reducing administrative duties.  Employees will prefer computerized software to many other forms of employee time clocks.

Time clock software can be very cost effective since there isn't much hardware to purchase if any.  Further, time clock software can reduce the footprint otherwise needed for a more hardware robust system.