Lathem Time Clocks

Florida Time Clock offers the latest and greatest Lathem employee time clock systems.  The Lathem family of time and attendance products is a great choice for your business and employee timeclocks needs.  With our vast experience in offering the Lathem time and attendance products, you can be assured that our Lathem knowledge is second to none.  Read on below about how a Lathem punch clock or timeclock product can be a great solution for your business.  The Lathem company is a private company based in Atlanta Georgia. 

The Lathem 2221 is a popular and rugged time recorder.  It is tough and made of all metal construction.  This is made in the USA and we sell it for less.  The Lathem 2221 has may print styles and is made with tough construction.  It is anodized so it does NOT rust.  The print wheels and other parts are all zinc plated steel and will not rust.  You can place the Lathem 2221 punch timeclock on a table or on the wall.  It uses a long lasting ribbon and you push a lever to punch the clock.

Lathem makes another great punch timeclock named the Lathem 5000EP and it's new for 2009.  The Lathem 5000EP is a good model for easy hassle free time and attendance usage.  The 5000EP timeclock has 29 preset print formats and will print up to a custom 3 lines.  This will adjust automatically to daylight savings time.  The Lathem 5000EP uses the same printer as previous models such as the 5000, 1000, and the 7000.  This fine employee time clock system will keep the current date and time if unplugged for about 1 month.  You can hang the Lathem 5000EP on the wall or set on a desk or shelf.  Just plug it in.

The Lathem Touch Station kit is a complete time and attendance system that is great for many businesses looking for a biometric and software system.  The Lathem Touch Station kit will help to eliminate buddy punching by using biometric technology.  The Lathem Touch Station is recommended for office environments, but not for environments where materials can interfere with a good scan on the biometric fingerprint reader for the Touch Station system by Lathem.  The Lathem Touch Station timeclock system will beep and present a green light for a good fingerprint read.  The Lathem Touch Station time clock system will buzz and present a red light for bad reads.  This system is designed for a business with up to 50 employees but is expandable to 150 employees.  The Lathem Touch Station automaticaly calculates worked hours including overtime. 

The Lathem DWA-H Workshift timer is a time and attendance option that might be right for your business.  The employee timeclock options presented by the DWA-H provides alot of nice features.  The Lathem DWA-H system is made in the USA and has an easy to read panel display in a digital format.  The DWA-H has a locking metal case that is tamper proof.  The Lathem DWA-H has 32 programmed events and has weekend modes too.  The sounding schedule can be changed to accomodate your needs anytime.  The Lathem DWA-H workshift timer has a battery backup, built in horn and you can even add more bells and horns. 

Florida Time Clocks provides alot of Lathem parts and supplies to accomodate your ongoing time and attendance needs.  Since we have offered the Lathem brand for many years, we have alot of Lathem parts and Lathem supplies.  Look at our product catalog online to find Lathem Motors and Lathem keys, and Lathem ribbons and Lathem punch clock keys.