Employee Punch Clocks

Florida Time Clocks is an experienced supplier of employee punch clocks for time and attendance applications.  Employees have long needed to punch in and out of work with a punch clock.  And although we have advanced leaps and bounds in technology with biometric timeclocks and computerized timeclocks, many businesses still rely on mechanical punch clocks to record employee time and attendance.  Punch clocks can be electronic or mechanical, but at the end of the day, we still refer to it as punching in and punching out.  Employee punch clocks have been a fixture in business the world wide since they are very easy devices that record employee time.  You will find some punch clocks with digital displays for displaying the time, date, and functions for administration.  You wll also find analog dials and hard steel cases.  Most punch clocks will also provide battery backup functionality so that they aren't affected in a power outage.  The major manufacturers all still create the punch clock style of time and attendance punch clocks. 

Isgus makes the Isgus 2005 employee punch clock system.  This is a German designed clock with an analog clock display and prints up to 8 prints per day.  You can adapt this system to print on different formatted time cards.  It has a standalone clock, which is analog quartz and has a two year lithium battery reserve.  There are automatic end of month calendar adjustments.

The Amano PIX-200 is an attractively designed employee punch clock system and has tough construction.  It will use the same ribbon for a long time and will allow different formatting.  The Amano PIX 200 has a large, easy to read digital display and has a top mount button for easy manual printing, or punching in.  This punch clock is really plug and play.

The Pyramid 2400 is a great option for an employee punch clock.  It has a simple setup with battery backup.  This punch clock si rugged and reliable.  It has an easy to read display and automatically feeds the cards and then ejects it.  The Pyramid 2400 has a durable 9 pin dot matrix printer internally to this punch clock.  It has no employee limit and resets for power outages and leap years and daylight savings time.  This is a solid employee punch clock and has a good warranty.

Widmer manufactures the Widmer 175R punch clock.  The Widmer 175R is an automatic or manual print punch clock system.  The battery backup restores to the current time in the case of a power outage.  You can still use this punch clock throughout the outage.  This employee punch clock will follow a perpetual calendar and will set itself.  This punch clock system comes with the punch clock itself, the locking key, owners manual and one year guarantee.

The Pyramid 1000 punch clock is another Pyramid product for time and attendance.  It uses time and attendance punch cards and is easy to setup.  You can use various timecards for this punch clock.  It is small and only weighs one pound. 

Punch clocks date back to the 1800s and were designed by a man named William Bundy who was a jeweler.  While these employee punch clocks were being developed and improved, Mr Bundy joined with business associates and created businesses.  Another major time clock manufacturer was the Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation which then became IBM.  The time clocks of those days used a lever to activate a hammer which printed the date and time on the punch card.