Master Clocks

Florida Time Clock offers master clocks from reputable manufacturers.  We know the products we sell and have vast experience installing and maintaining master clocks.  Master clocks offer your workflorce a way to stay on task and on schedule with large master clock displays and audible master clock bells and master clock buzzers.  Master clocks have long been a fixture in manufacturing and shops across the globe.  Contact us for your master clock needs. 

The Pyramid wireless master clock 9T1W1 is a great system and links to the NTP clock over the internet.  The master clock uses a frequency changing transmission that delivers a synchronous clock signal across large campuses.  This system is designed for use as a school master clock, court house master clock, manufacturing master clock, hospital master clock and more.  Since this system is wireless, you can save alot of money as your building needs change through construction and remodels.  This Pyramid wireless master clock features 50,000 sqare foot coverage and will transmit the time every 10 seconds.  It sends an RF time signal to an unlimited number of clocks.  This master clock system does not need an external antenna, just the 5 inch box top antenna.  The time source is the NTP, which is 2 seconds within the atomic time.  It is built with a steel case and has a battery backup in case of power failure.

The Lathem company has also produced a wireless master clock system named the Lathem Airtime master clock.  This transmits at 415 mhz and the Lathem Airtime has a nice sweeping second hand.  The Lathem Airtime master clocks reciever clocks are analog and come in 12 inch and 17 inch sizes.  The clocks are battery operated andnormally last 5 years.  The Lathem Airtime master clock also offers a 4 inch digital clock.

As master clock system is really a clock configuration where a master clock has many slave clocks as part of a clock network.  Master clocks basically originated with the pendulum style of clocks.  These were often parts of schools and offices.  The master clock would transmit an electrical impulse to the slave clocks every minute, half minute, or even every second.