Acroprint Time Clocks

Florida Time Clock is proud to offer Acroprint time clocks.  We have offered Acroprint time and attendance equipment for many many years so we know Acroprint systems inside and out.  You can choose Acroprint timeclocks as a good time and attendance option for your business.  Here is some information on many of the models.  The Acroprint BP125 as a good option for several reasons.  They are accurate and dependable and come with a lifetime warranty on the typewheel and a 1 year warranty on the rest of the materials.  The 6D batteries last for a year!  The Acroprint BP125 is affordable, rugged and durable.  The Acroprint BP-125 is versatile and customizable and is available in Spanish.  This system does not rust.

The Acroprint ES1000 is a self totaling timeclock system that has many great features.  The ES-1000 has a 100 employee capacity and has a very low cost of ownership since the supplies are very inexpensive.  The Acroprint ES1000 totals every time the employee punches out.  This system will do rounding or by the minute.  There are built in reports and resets after power outages.  The system can print in red if the employee is tardy.  There are several print formats available for the Acroprint ES-1000.

The Acroprint TimeQ+ Biometric V3 is a great option of employee time clock and comes with network multi-user software.  This clock has a 125 employee capacity and is networkable.  It also allows you to transport the punch data via a USB thumb drive.  This system includes the PC Punch software.  It uses CAT5 network cable and also a USB to PC cable.  The Acroprint Time!+ Biometric version 3 holds up to 50,000 transactions and remembers punches after power outages.

Acroprint Attendance RX is a time and attendance software package that has many fine features for you and your business.  You can control up to 12 shifts with the Acroprint Attendance RX software and shows who's in and who's out at any time.  The Attendance RX system includes many reports sych as employee time cards, employee profiles, daily totals, holidays, FMLA, Approvals, and hours summary.  The Acroprint RX can export data for the following:  ADP Generic ASCII, Intuit PC Access & jr, Quickbooks Pro, QuickPay Paychex, Wells Fargo, and more.   

We offer many Acroprint accessories and supplies to meet your ongoing needs.  We have supplied Acroprint products for many, many years.  We supply Acroprint Motors, Acroprint Ribbon for BP125 and more.  We also carry things like the Acroprint Fingerprint Identification Device, new Stamp Hammer Assemblies, and bell relay modules for the TimeQ systems.

Florida Time Clock also features the Acroprint Secure Punchin time and attendance system.  The Acroprint Secure Punchin system features a biometric fingerprint reader, which puts a stop to buddy punching.  It includes software and much more.  The ATRx Secure Punchin biometric time and attendance system has a 50 employee capacity, but there is also a 100 employee optional upgrade.  The software runs on Windows XP, Vista Pro, and Windows 7 Pro.  This system calculates hours worked automatically and can integrate with Quickbooks and more.  There are multiple classes of overtime and several payperiod options such as weekly, bi-weekly, semi monthly and monthly.