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Icon Time Systems

Punch Clock
Icon SP250 automatic punch clock
Our Price: $249.00
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Well-made electronic office punch clock that resets for daylight savings, leap year, power outages. It can even ring shop bells!
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Biometric time clock
Icon TotalPass Biometric with WiFi
Our Price: $549.00
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TOTALPASS Biometric with WiFi, Ethernet and INTERNET. 100 employee biometric system, eliminates buddy punching.
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Self Totaling CT900 Icon
Our Price: $0.00
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OUT OF PRODUCTION. Cards and ribbons are still available until they are gone. Alternative: Pyramid 4000 - see below for information.
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WiFi Time Clock
TotalPass P600 with WiFi
Our Price: $449.00
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P600D with 50 employee software. WIFI, USB, Ethernet and Internet connection. Made in USA. Works with ALL operating systems, forever.
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Icon TotalPass Badges
Icon Prox Badges
Our Price: $25.00
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Ten Icon Proximity Badges, Always In Stock and we guarantee them for life. Life!!
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Icon Badge
Icon Proximity Cards
Our Price: $45.00
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You should have extra Icon Proximity Badges. Shipped in cost-saving packs of 25 each.
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Time Clock Mounting Plate
Icon Replacement Mounting Plate
Our Price: $22.00
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Replacement plastic mounting plate for Icon Time Calculator, all models since 1992, TimeCalculator, RTC1000, TotalPass.
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We sell Icon time clocks.  Icon TotalPass, TotalPass Biometric, Icon P600D, Icon P400, Icon SB-100Pro, Icon R