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Icon TotalPass Biometric with WiFi
P600 Biometric

Discontinued. Supplies and upgrades are still available. We have other systems, please call us.

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Biometric time clock

Accessories & Supplies:

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Click 146 Icon Prox BadgesRFID-10 10 Icon Proximity Cards$25.00
Click 118 Icon Proximity CardsRFID-25 25 Prox Cards for Icon$45.00
Click 125 Icon RFID Keyfobs - 10Icon Keyfobs - 10$30.00
Click 124 Large Badge RackBadge Rack - 40 Badges$31.00
Click 13 Short Badge RackBadge Rack - 12 Badges$26.00


Icon TotalPass and RTC time clocks have been discontinued.

Badges, RFID Keyfobs, mounting plates and software upgrades are still available, as is technical support.

Amano offers networkable clocks that can also work on a wide area network (WAN), providing similar features to the Icon - but not all.

The same goes for CompuTime.

Amano and CompuTime electronic time clock links - this takes you to our www.employeetimeclocks.com website

Employee Time Clocks - Payroll Clocks

Employee Time Clocks - Biometric Time Clocks

Cloud based systems, aka Internet and Web-Punch Clocks

Because of a law passed in Illinois 2/23/2021, your employee must volunteer to allow you to use their fingerprint.

TotalPass® Time Clocks new software available which allows for new and existing workers to be asked to agree to the collection of their personal information when clocking in on your TotalPass Time Clock. IconTime® is providing you with a poster to post next to your time clock to provide workers with more detail. Once a worker has acknowledged their consent, they’ll be able to continue to use their finger scan on the time clock. If an employee decides to opt out of the collection, disclosure, and use of their personal information through the TotalPass Time Clock, we will delete their biometric template on file. Please contact IconTime for alternative clock-in options.

If they choose not to opt-in, we recommend you assign them RFID KeyFobs, which are fairly inconvenient to share with others, lessening the chance of buddy-punching.  Photos are not take with PIN or RFID entry. Only with fingerprint verification.

Download the Poster here:                               Download Icon's Privacy Policies Here