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Icon TotalPass Biometric with WiFi
P600 Biometric

TOTALPASS P600 Biometric with WiFi, Ethernet and INTERNET. 100 employee biometric system, eliminates buddy punching.

Our Price: $499.00
Biometric time clock

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 327 Advanced Rules and BenefitsAdvanced Rules and Benefits$125.00
Click 115 Surge ProtectorComputer Surge Protector$15.00
Click 324 TotalPass 250 Employee UpgradeTotalPass WET-250$295.00
Click 600 Icon TotalPass 500 Employee CapacityTotalPass 100 to 500 empl upgrade$325.00
Click 146 Icon Proximity Badges - 1010 Reusable Icon RFID Badges$25.00
Click 118 Icon Proximity Badges - 2525 Reusable RFID Badges$50.00
Click 124 Large Badge RackBadge Rack - 40 Badges$31.00
Click 13 Short Badge RackBadge Rack - 12 Badges$19.00
Click 125 RFID key fob for this machineIcon RFID and Proximity Card Keyfob$2.25
Click 325 Mobility Pack - Emails you!Mobility Pack Module$125.00
Click 328 5 Web Punch ModulesIcon Web Punch Clock$99.00
Click 332 Icon One Year Factory Software SupportIcon Factory Tech Support for TotalPass$199.00
Click 333 Icon TotalPass SupportTotalPass Support one year, 2nd clock$99.00


Icon TotalPass Biometric Time Clock - What's in the box:

... You can still run it by USB or Ethernet cable, that has not changed ...

  • TOTALPASS clock
  • Wall mounting plate with hardware and locking key
  • 12VDC power supply
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • 15' Ethernet cable                30' USB cable
  • Toll-Free Technical Support contact number 
Guaranteed Lowest Price on the basic system and the badges.
Multi-user and multi-terminal capability, all included.
15 Web and PC Punch modules - one per employee - included

28+ years experience, advice, and guidance, included.

  • The ultimate in biometric buddy-punching security
  • Instantly updated "who's in" report
  • Multi-clock, multi-location capability, locally and across the web!
  • First and only system for employee enrollment at the clock without a supervisor
  • Unlimited supervisor access - multi-PC is included
  • Reusable RFID badges, also RFID keyfobs
  • Eliminates timesheets
  • Who's In report - that you can see locally, or from anywhere on the internet
  • Department hours reports - better management of overtime
  • Optional tip or piece count tracking, customizable by employee, within a department
    -- This is included with the basic system
  • In Punch Rounding* - for handling early punches by large groups of people
    -- *Requires inexpensive Benefits Module, see information in the list above, about this.
  • Real-time punch records, 
  • No software to load on your PC; it's built-in to the terminal
  • Supports ALL Pay Periods
  • Communicate via Ethernet, USB cable, 
    - and anywhere on the World Wide Web


Click on this line to access the clock in Portland, Oregon.

Username:  admin           Password:    1234

  • Universal Operating System Time Clock Features:

  • Plug & Play Simplicity:
    - No software to install, setup, update, repair, or maintain 
  • 100 employees, upgrade to 250 or 500
  • 15 remote smartphone/PC licenses, 
    - departments, manager passwords                
  • Multiple Connectivity Options: 
    - Ethernet, USB, or Internet connection all-in-one clock!
  • Multi-Clock Connectivity: 
    - Link up to 32 time clocks over the Network or Internet
  • Now includes 15 Web Punch Licenses!  Click here for details:
  • Use Custom ID Numbers, RFID Badges, or Keyfobs to punch in or out
  • Intuitive: 
    Web browser based software means it's easy to use and learn (Internet not required)
  • Convenient: 
    Automatically alerts the manager of overtime, high/low hours and more!
  • Universal Compatibility: 
    Works with all operating systems, PC (
    XP through Window 7 and Windows 8), Linux and even Apple! 
  • Secure: 
    Stand-alone unit does not require constant PC or Network connection. All data is saved on the clock in case of PC or server crash. Save backups to a flash drive for extra security.

Icon TotalPass Exports:  Remember, it generates its own handy reports, including:

Time Cards for each employee
Department Reports
Who's IN
and more..  Also exports to .csv for your customization in Excel

Payroll Exports Include:
ADP (desktop version)
Paychex Online, Paychex Preview
QuickBooks   (Windows Quickbooks only, not Apple Quickbooks)
Excel (.csv) export

Windows?  Apple?  No Problem. This time clock system runs on Windows and Apple

You communicate to it by opening up a "favorite" from your web browser - locally, and off-site.
There are no driver updates needed. No software needed for your computer, (unless you want to use the included USB connection).

All Icon computer clock terminals are remotely upgradeable.
They use an innovative “flash” technology which rewrites the internal firmware.

What this does:
As the years go on, you normally have to throw away equipment - computers, time clocks, hard drives, hardware, etc.  Icon can electronically 'rewire' the terminal for new technology. As improved operating systems get released, the machine can be updated, and does not need to be replaced.

This device works with all Operating Systems.  Apple, Windows, anything that has a web browser.

Other manufacturer's require you to buy new equipment every few years.
Not Icon.  The TotalPass is Future-Proofed.

Buddy Punching is solved!  It sends this page to you when it is not sure, or cannot match, the ID number of the employee to the fingerprint.  You can save it to a file, and you can print it out.