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Time Card Holder
25 slot time card rack

Expandable black time card holder Holds up to 25 cards for this machine. Easily down-sized to 3 - 12 cards.

Our Price: $31.00
Time Card Rack

Time Card Holder for most front loading time clocks. 

Call us if you are unsure if this will fit - we will know.

Example clocks:

Dimensions:  .5 lbs
33" high, 4.5" wide
8" deep card slots
Holds up to 25 cards, or break it down as needed,
making two smaller racks - 12 and 13 slots, or five: 5,5,5,5 and 5, etc.

Common time cards for this rack:
E2         1900L      1900L-2
M154     C3000      96652