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Long lasting cartridge ribbon. Rugged machine. Fast, reliable printer. Metal frame, it is a rebuildable machine. Everyone likes this one.

Our Price: $299.00

AC or DC
Select AC or 12VDC - makes it sort of portable

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 115 Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.00
Click 630 Amano PIX / TCX RibbonBlack Ribbon Q: 2$24.00
Click 3 Amano PIX / TCX RibbonPurple Ribbon Q: 1$9.95
Click 4 Amano PIX / TCX RibbonsPurple Ribbon Q: 12$79.00
Click 257 Time Card Holder25 slot time card rack$31.00
Click 11 E2 Two Sided Time CardE2 Two Week Time Card$41.00
Click 148 Amano #700 metal keyAmano MJR, TCX, EX metal key$6.25
Click 151 Amano PIX key and ribbonAmano PIX key & ribbon$14.25


Amano TCX21 Punch Clock

This is the best stand-alone clock there is.
  • Resets after power outages to the correct, current time
  • Large clock display with a digital date display
  • Internal light which  - makes it easy to position the time card 
  • Regular wall-clock style “face“ makes it easy to read across the room
  • Rugged construction, large print numbers and letters.
  • Digital year, month, and date display [2015 May19 PM 2:55]
  • Tamper-resistant, locking cover
  • Perpetual calendar
  • Automatic daylight savings adjustment
  • Large, lighted print window
  • Programmable:  Select from several languages - default is English
  • Select any time/day/date format your needs require
  • Call us, we will set it up for you before shipping.
  • Long Lasting cartridge ribbon
  • Quartz accuracy, rarely needs adjusting
  • Automatic or manual (press to print) printing, we can set this up for you


This is a Rugged Punch Clock

  • Bolt to the wall, or stand on a table - it has rubber “feet“
  • Unlimited print options: AM/PM or military (0-23) time - minutes, 10ths or
     100ths Year, Month, Date, or Day, Month, etc., etc. English, Spanish formats
  • One year Guarantee
  • We can set it up for you before shipping - this is free!
  • It is an excellent value for your hard-earned money; they hold-up for years
  • 110 volts, 7“ wide, 8“ tall, 6“ deep Weighs about 4lbs installed.

Time cards: Prints on any time card.
We recommend E2 time cards:
Click here.
These are two-week cards, one side per week and about 1/2” wider than normal
Easier to handle as the new electronic clocks require you put the card further into the machine than the old mechanical clocks.


Amano TCX-21 Compare this to all others, it's made of steel not plastic

Perfect replacement for most mechanical punch clocks
All - metal frame, fast  large-print printer
Long lasting ribbon
Designed to last many years of heavy use

Perpetual calendar resets for daylight savings, power outages, and leap years




Free Amano TCX-21 Owners Manual

Click on the line below to download the owners manual

Amano TCX21 Manual.pdf

TCX-22 manual

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