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E2 Two Sided Time Card
E2 Two Week Time Card

Two week time card, one week per side. Unique easy to use design. 1000 per box. Extremely easy for your employees

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E2 time cards

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E2 Two Sided weekly time card

It's the best card available for the new electronic punch clocks
Why?  Because its just a little w-i-d-e-r.


1000 time cards per box
Side one Green, Side two is RED
 IN-OUT, IN-OUT each day

  • The E2 time card is slightly wider -  Size: 3 5/8“ x 9“
  • It works fine with older style time clocks, too
  • The E-2 is easier to handle, so you get less “overprinting“.
  • The E2 card has been designed to work better in the new deep-throat electronic clocks. 
  • It's the first major time card revision in nearly 25 years. 
  • They are in stock for immediate shipping.