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Amano PIX 25 Electronic Time Clock
PIX 25 A416 110V

MADE IN USA. Top Quality. Set it and forget it design. Prints clear, large numbers. Should last for years. IN STOCK. See more details, below.

Retail Price: $345.00
Our Price: $244.00
PIX 25/A416

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 3 Amano PIX / TCX RibbonPurple Ribbon Q: 1$9.95
Click 175 Amano PIX KeyPix key - Amano Plastic Key$6.75
Click 115 Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.00
Click 630 Amano PIX / TCX RibbonBlack Ribbon Q: 2$24.00
Click 4 Amano PIX / TCX RibbonsPurple Ribbon Q: 12$79.00
Click 257 Time Card Holder25 slot time card rack$31.00
Click 11 E2 Two Sided Time CardE2 Two Week Time Card$41.00


Amano PIX25 traditional punch clock on sale

This Is One Tough Time Clock.  Have no doubt.

  • Made In U.S.A.

  • Automatic or manual print

  • Atomic clock functionality

  • Internal light makes it easier to align the time cards

  • Uses any time card - save on ours or buy them anywhere else

  • Ribbon ink capacity indicator

  • Easy to replace cartridge ribbon

  • Internal battery backup with Quartz Crystal clock - set it and forget it

  • Prints in any time format you want, any combination:
    - Day of week, standard or military hours and minutes or 100ths
    - Year, Month, Date, standard hours and minutes, military/100th', 10th'

  • To repeat: We can set it up for you before shipping.

  • Table or wall mount. 

  • One Year USA Guarantee - expect it to last for many years...
    It is designed to be REPAIRED instead of thrown away.

  • UPC 799493927726

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What's Included:

  • New PIX 25 by Amano
  • Cartridge ribbon.  security key. Plug in wall power supply
  • Printed quick-set instructions. Wall mounting plate
  • Toll Free USA number for personal set-up support
  • Bolts to a plaster or wood wall, or sits solidly on a table or shelf with included rubber feet


  • 110VAC power, 50/60 Hz
  • Weight:  1.4 lbs installed
  • Ribbon:  Long Lasting Cartridge
  • Dimensions:  6.5” x 6.5” x 6.5”
  • Maintenance:  None
  • UPC 799493927726


  • Once set, this machine automatically sets to the correct time,
    - even if unplugged for several weeks
  • Automatically corrects for daylight savings (you can disable this), leap years, etc.
  • One Year Guarantee