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Acroprint AP125 Stamp Handle
AP125 Stamp Handle

Replacement handle for the AP125 and BP125

Our Price: $7.25
Acroprint time clock parts

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 187 Acroprint Key 125, 150, 200Acroprint PK626 master key$6.25
Click 186 Acroprint 125/150 RibbonAcroprint Ribbon 2-pack$16.00
Click 134 Acroprint AP125 Stamp HandleAP125 Stamp Handle$7.25
Click 205 Acroprint 125 Stamp Hammer AssemblyAcroprint 125 stamp and swing arm$22.00
Click 11 E2 Two Sided Time CardE2 Two Week Time Card$41.00


Acroprint time clock parts.  We have most of them in stock.

Original Acroprint 125 Plastic Stamp Handle
Your choice of colors, as long as it is Black
If it is loose, it wobbles, just replace it.

Questions?  Call us. We are good (and entertaining) listeners
We repair these machines - why buy new?

Who are we kidding...  We sell “new” all day long.  But sometimes it's easy and more cost-effective just to do an inexpensive repair on a very reliable punch clock.