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Stop Buddy Punching Clocks

CFR20/20 WiFi
Facial Recognition System
Our Price: $349.00
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"No one comes to work without their face". Read the details, watch the video, below. WiFi and Network connection, time cards, department reports, and much more.
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Biometric time clock
Icon TotalPass Biometric with WiFi
Our Price: $459.00
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TOTALPASS P600 Biometric with WiFi, Ethernet and INTERNET. 100 employee biometric system, eliminates buddy punching. Free Shipping in USA!
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XLS21 Bio time clock system
XLS Biometric time clock system
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Biometic fingerprint reader with expandable 25 employee capacity. Free Shipping in USA-50 states. Call for Canada, PR, other locations.
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biometric clock
HP1000 RS232/USB
Our Price: $985.00
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50 employee HandPunch biometric time clock with CompuTime 101 25 employee software, easily upgradable to 500 employees, scheduling, and more
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TQ+ Bio
Acroprint TimeQ+ Biometric system
Our Price: $409.00
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Acroprint TimeQ+Biometric fingerprint time clock system with software. In Stock, ships today. Read more about it below on the product page - (scroll down)
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Pyramid TimeTrax Elite Biometric System
Our Price: $399.00
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Pyramid network biometric system. Comprehensive software worth considering. High quality, Made in USA. IN STOCK.
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Florida time clock provides buddy punching clocks for time and attendance needs.