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Stop Buddy Punching Clocks

CFR20/20 WiFi
Facial Recognition System
Our Price: $349.00
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"No one comes to work without their face". Read the details, watch the video, below. WiFi and Network connection, time cards, department reports, and much more.
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Biometric time clock
Icon TotalPass Biometric with WiFi
Our Price: $499.00
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TOTALPASS P600 Biometric with WiFi, Ethernet and INTERNET. 100 employee biometric system, eliminates buddy punching.
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biometric clock
HandPunch 1000 RS232
Our Price: $985.00
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50 employee HandPunch biometric time clock with CompuTime 101 25 employee software, easily upgradable to 500 employees, scheduling, and more
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Compumatic, MB1000 Facial Recognition System
Our Price: $649.95
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Just look at the clock, you are punched IN! Touchless operation. Free USA Shipping. Read and see the reports provided, below!
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See our selection of extremely reliable biometric clocks that stop buddy punching. Buy from experts and save money. Stop Buddy Punching and actually catch the perps that are trying to rip yo