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Compumatic, MB1000 Facial Recognition System
Compumatic MB1000

Just look at the clock, you are punched IN! Touchless operation. Free USA Shipping. Read and see the reports provided, below!

Our Price: $579.00

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 537 CompuTime PC PunchPC Punch add-on$99.00
Click 490 CompuTime RFID BadgesRFID Badge, Q: 10$25.00
Click 448 CompuTime RFID Key FobsKey Fobs Q: 10$25.00
Click 529 CompuTime 50 employee licenseCT101-50u$50.00
Click 530 CompuTime 100 employee licenseCT101-100u$150.00
Click 531 CompuTime 250 employee licenseCT101-250u$295.00
Click 532 CompuTime unlimited licenseCT101-Unl-Emp$450.00
Click 502 Multi-PC Network LicenseCT101 MPC$150.00
Click 507 Computime Professional EditionCT101 Pro$99.00
Click 510 CompuTime101 Hand Punch LicenseCT101-HP$149.00
Click 506 Technical SupportCT101-TS$149.00


Compumatic MB1000 with WiFi

Downloadable Brochures, Demo Software, Sample Reports, Screen Shots

Employee List/Roster              Basic Reports
Time Cards                              Punch Preview
Employee Time Sheets
Department Summary              Department Detail
Who's IN/OUT                          Missing Punches
Benefit Hours
                           Days Worked Detail
Who's Late                               Days Worked Summary

  * Requires Pro upgrade:
Who's Early/Late Rules*          Who's Early/Late Summary*
Shift Setup*                          
MB1000 Factory Brochure
   * Some features require Pro upgrade

                              Click to download the trial software

Facial Recognition Time Clock System

High Speed Touchless Operation, with optional fingerprint verification
Just look at the clock, you're IN or OUT
Easy Setup, includes 90 Days Free USA technical support

50 Employee Capacity Included - upgrades to 100, 250, or “Unlimited“
Password protected
Supports all pay cycles - weekly, bi-weekly, and semi-monthly

Unlimited IN/OUT punches per day
Unlimited departments, including IN and OUT punch rounding zones
     User selectable:
     Automatic lunch deduction
     1/4 hour punch rounding
     15 minute rounding, or to the minute

Daily and weekly OT calculation
    User customizable - Agriculture may have this feature turned off.
Pay benefit hours such as Sick, Vacation, Personal, etc.

Includes Auto-poll - downloads punches when you need them, automatically.
Automatic Data Backup

Multi-clock ready (sign IN on one, Out at another)
Custom report generator filters reports by deparment, employee, clock site, more.

Exports include Quickbooks, Paychex, ADP, and more.

One Year Product Exchange Warranty - USA.

Ethernet (TCP/IP) connection.
Features the option of using a USB Flash Drive punch data downloader.
Bring the punches back to your computer via thumbdrive if no network is available.

Two High Definition cameras carefully identify the face, 
   making a perfect match the only possible match.

Large 4.25” color touch screen for easy menu navigation