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Computime Professional Edition
CT101 Pro

CompuTime Pro adds powerful management tools at a very reasonable cost. Quite frankly, its a steal. Read more about it below.

Our Price: $99.00
CT101-Pro Upgrade

CompuTime101 Professional Version

Adds Department Revision Zones
Example:  7:30 to 8:00 start time, they then get paid only from 8:00
Example:  5:00 to 4:30 end time, they get paid only until 4:30

Punch Rounding
Adds 1/4 or any form of custom rounding you want.  Additionally, you can have two exempt zones, when punches are not rounded (for example, lunch time).

Includes Scheduling
Set up as many schedules as you like, assign different schedules to any employee during the 7 or 14 day pay cycle.

Automatic Lunch Deduction

(2 levels of this):  Set lunch deductions based on the number of hours they worked, and for the entire day.

Take control of Paid and Unpaid Breaks:  
Set minimum time lengths to qualify for a paid break.  You can also enforce a minimum deduction for employees who work less time than required.


Additional Computime101 Professional features:

Department Revision Zones:
Add revision zones to departments - you assign employees to departments, this puts rules in the departments that they are forced to follow.
    Example:  In-Punch Rounding, from 7:30 to 8:00  
    Time does not start to accumulate (pay) until 8:00
    Example: Out-Punch Rounding, from 4:30 until 5:00  It stops paying at 4:30,
    in case they hang out after the days end.  You can overwride these settings in the punch list,
    on your computer, on a case-by-case basis.

Automatic Lunch Deduction:
Automatically deduct lunch time if they work more than a preset number of hours without punching out.

Punch Rounding:
The basic system pays to the minute.  This feature allows you to use 1/4 hour (15 minute) rounding, 5/10 rounding (slant rounding) or any other formula you can come up with.

Shifts and Schedules:
With 9,999 possible schedules, the sky is the limit!
Assign an employee to one schedule for Monday - Thursday, and a different schedule Friday, and another one on the weekend.

Paid and Unpaid Breaks: 
Set rules on how long they have to be clocked-in to qualify for paid and unpaid breaks.

Enhanced Early and Late Punch Tracking:
Using the shift feature above, you can set it up to identify when an employee is coming in too early or too late, and also see the number of times they have done this.