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Pyramid 7000 master clock and shop timer

Signal Controller that rings bells also controls Digital and Analog Wall Clocks. In Stock. Free USA Shipping, this particular item.

Our Price: $309.00
Pyramid work shift bell timer

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 115 Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.00
Click 87 Pyramid Bell6" 24VDC, 96+ DB$90.00
Click 407 25 foot bell wire25 foot bell wire$19.95
Click 404 50 foot bell wire50 foot bell wire$24.95
Click 405 100 foot bell wire100 foot bell wire$34.95
Click 84 Custom Power SupplyBell and Buzzer Power Cube$65.00
Click 88 Loud 6" fire bell120V shop bell, 100db$89.00
Click 86 Loud 4" 120V Buzzer120V horn, 102db - adjustable volume$139.00
Click 37 Amano MJR8000N 250 Employee ClockMJR8000N A094$1,397.00


Pyramid 7000 Work Shift Bell Timer - and Master Clock

  • Runs up to 15 digital or analog slave clocks
  • Easy to use, “plug & play” low voltage system
  • Minimal set up time and little if any electrical support

System includes:
* 7000 master clock terminal
* *50' cable and instruction manual
*One Year Guarantee, 90 days of toll-free technical support

* Runs 24VDC Bells (no conduit required in most states)
* Also extremely bright digital clocks and Pyramid analog (dial-face) clocks
* All of this is truely  “plug and play“.

  We ship to Canada

6 1/4“ High,5 1/2" Wide  x 2“ Deep

Power:  110VAC, converts to 24VDC

Product Brochures
Model 7000 Master Clock (PDF format)

No software needed, simple three button setup.
Button 1:  Enter and Save    Button 2:  Forward (or up)     Button 3: Backward (or down)

You set it to another clock in your business, or to your cell phone.  It's extremely accurate over a one year time period.

The way we do it:  Take a yellow steno pad, double space between each row and write out your schedule.  As you enter the times and days, simply mark them off.

Monday - Friday schedule, with two rings on Saturday, and off on Sunday
Different durations as to how long it should ring, as well.
Pyramid 7000 program example.jpg

  You save your work by pressing Button 1.