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Custom Power Supply
Bell and Buzzer Power Cube

Custom built power supply for time clock system. Low or high voltage, everything is included.

Our Price: $65.00
Custom bell power supply

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 578 Weatherproof Vibrating Buzzer120V Outside Buzzer$199.00
Click 86 Loud 4" 120V Buzzer120V horn, 102db - adjustable volume$139.00
Click 88 Loud 6" fire bell110V shop bell, 96-102dB$89.00


External bell and buzzer power supply

Includes wiring and hardware, assembled, with installation instructions.

  • Protects your clock timer from feedback and power surges
    that occur with ringing bells and horns.

  • Use your existing bell/buzzer system (in that case, call us), or use ours.

  • Run multiple 24VAC Bizzers or 24  to 110VAC bells.

  • We typically run 16 gauge wire with this, up to 500' out

  • This system insures that you will not damage your clock by running bells or horns.

  • If you order 24VAC bells or buzzers, we will ship the relay isolated 2 amp 24VAC system.
    - it will power up to two of our 24VAC buzzers

  • If you order a 110VAC bell or buzzer, we will ship the 110VAC relay-isolated power supply.  We build these custom for each system, protecting your equipment.

  • This is a user self-installable item, just run the cable, make the connections.