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Loud 4" 120V Buzzer
120V horn, 102db - adjustable volume

LOUD buzzer for production shops. 120VAC 100dB adjustable shop buzzer.

Our Price: $139.00
120V buzzer

4" 120VAC Buzzer  p/n 874-N5
78 to 102dB adjustable high voltage vibrating horn

Want to get THEIR ATTENTION???

This will do it.

LOUD 102 dB at 10 feet. Adjustable volume.

Draws .19 amps when sounding.

No special mounting boxes are needed, the back plate bolts to the wall, the front plate and horn connects to it. Easily connects to a 4“ electrical box, or to a wall. This is SOLID, it weighs 2.5 lbs.

Unlike quieter horns for less, this gets the job done

Applications: Cabinet shops, machine shops, playgrounds

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