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Lathem motor and clutch
Lathem Motor and Clutch

This is a replacement motor and clutch spring for all mechanical lathem clocks, excluding the LTT series automatic stampers (they are blue)

Our Price: $46.20
Lathem Motor

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Lathem motor with Lathem clutch spring

This motor fits all mechanical Lathem clocks in the following series:
1200, 2000, 2100, 2200, 3000, and 4000
Example:  2021, 2126, 2221, 2226,  2225, 3000, 4000, 4001, 4026DWA

Tools needed: 
1) Philips head screwdriver
2) Magnetized flat bladed screwdriver

Unplug the clock.
With the cover off, look at the upper left of the movement.  Remove the clip. 
If it is a “C“ clip, pop it off with a flat bladed screwdriver. 
It may “fly“ across the room, you have been warned. 
Remove the movement and set it aside.

Locate the two phillips head screws that hold the motor on,
turn them counterclockwise about three turns.
Cut or remove the wires that attach the motor to the wire block.
It may come right out, or it might take some wiggling,
but the motor always comes out. 
Remove the harness from behind the motor and attach it to the new motor. 
The new motor may be 1/8“ wider than the original.  That's okay, it will fit.

Using light oil, oil everything that moves, then put the movement back on.
plug it in, set the time, you are done.