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Loud 4" 24V Buzzer
24VAC Low Voltage 100dB

Low voltage buzzer for long distances, code compliance. Requires 24VAC power supply.

Our Price: $139.00
24VAC Buzzer

Federal 24VAC low voltage 100dB vibrating buzzer

Applications:  Manufacturing

Low voltage for ISO9001 and other cautious installations

UPC 782979205203

Buzzer only, does not come with mounting bracket


Why choose low voltage over high voltage?

In some states if you run high voltage wire (like 110V), fire code requires it to be inside conduit, or run Romex.
You can spend far more on conduit, and the cost of installing it, than simply ordering a power supply and low voltage buzzers.


If you want a low voltage bell system, this one does the job.  However, it does not print on time cards or track employee time:
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