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Detex ProxiPen
Proxi Pen Guard Reader

Detex ProxiPen Tag Reader (human hand not included). In Stock

Our Price: $715.00
Detex ProxiPen

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DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 244 Detex Proxi Pen HolsterGCS-PP-HOL$66.25
Click 128 Detex Tag 30Detex ProxiPen 30MM GCS Tag$3.75
Click 129 Detex 50mm RFID TagGCS-PP-TAG50-N ProxiPen large tag$13.00
Click 259 Detex Incident PadIncident Pad OUT OF STOCK$163.00
Click 256 Detex TopGuard Patrol SoftwareTopGuard$350.00


Detex ProxiPenII Reader

We ship the newest model, ProxiPenII
Two Year Detex Guarantee against defects
Note: Detex invented the first watchman clock.
No other guard tour system company has the track record of Detex

This is in stock for same day shipping

5 Ounces, Completely Waterproof, Shock Resistant Polycarbonite Housing 
Includes carrying clip. Rugged Leather Holster in stock

Waterproof & Weatherproof -  Actually works under water!.

No physical contact needed to get a “Read“ 
The guard sees a light red flash, hears's a nearly silent 'chirp'.

ProxiPen’s data points are Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, which the
ProxiPen senses and reads automatically whenever they come into its reading range.

Includes user-replaceable AA battery