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Citadel OB3000 WiFi Tablet Time Clock System
WiFi Tablet Time Clock with Camera

WiFi Web-Hosted biometric time clocking system by Citadel. Tablet time clock, great for offices, remote locations. Free Shipping, US-48 states

Our Price: $369.00
Citadel OB3000

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Click 595 RFID Badges, Pack of 10RFID Badges, Q: 10$25.00
Click 596 RFID Badges, Pack of 25RFID Badges, Q: 25$45.00
Click 597 RFID Badges, Pack of 50RFID Badges, Q: 50$88.00
Click 598 RFID Badges, Pack of 100RFID Badges, Q: 100$175.00
Click 528 RFID Key Fobs, Pack of 10RFID Key Fobs, Q: 10$30.00
Click 527 RFID Key Fobs, Pack of 25RFID Key Fobs, Q: 25$65.00
Click 538 RFID Key Fobs, Pack of 50RFID Key Fobs, Q: 50$125.00
Click 539 RFID Key Fobs, Pack of 100RFID Key Fobs, Q:100$225.00


Citadel OB2000 Cloud Time and Attendance Benefits and Interface

Citadel OB2000 Cloud Time and Attendance Benefits and Interface


  • High quality, affordable, modern, dependable, and backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Cloud time and attendance system
    Choice of fingerprint, RFID card or PIN punching based on business needs
    Built-in Camera can take photos of employees when they are punching and append to the punch file (see who is punching, compare to the name)
    Includes a suite of superior timekeeping software features with free updates.
    Armed with the best fingerprint sensor, we guarantee that buddy punching will stop
    aka:  Time Theft is eliminated
  • Secure biometric fingerprint punching stops buddy punching in its tracks
  • Eliminate significant costs on time cards, ink ribbons, and manual calculations
  • Cloud data available anytime from the office, at home, or on the road
  • No contracts to sign, no costly software to install, no manual upgrades to manage·   
  • Store a little or a lot of data with no limits on capacity and always accessible
  • Time cards, pay periods, work hours, and payroll calculations all automated
  • Saves time, money, and resources by simplifying time and attendance management

Subscription - it is month to month, cancel any time.


Citadel Time Clock Touch Table System requires a monthly cloud subscriptioni plan or the product will not work. Includes up to 2 clocks per system. $10 additional per clock, above two. Affordable plans are available for every size business.


Citadel OM3000 WiFi Tablet Clock - how they enroll their fingers





Cloud Hosted Tablet Time Clock with WiFi




Loaded with power and handy features, all in a 7" bright display Tablet Time Clock.  The OB2000 is part of the Citadel cloud time and attendance system suite of advanced timekeeping products. Armed with the highest quality fingerprint sensor, no "buddy" will ever punch in for another buddy, limiting exposure to time theft.  Securely monitor and manage all employee time and attendance activity 24/7 from any internet connected device.  Track every minute, pay only for work earned.   
Free USA-48 States Shipping - call if elsewhere.



7" wide, network/Internet ready tablet, works with fingerprint, ID numbers, and RFID badges 

Some of the Features

This has all the features of the OM2000 PLUS:
1) It is CAT5 AND WiFi
2) It runs for a full day on site, it has a large internal battery.
  • Large 7" active touch screen radiantly displays time and attendance data
  • WiFi     WiFi      WiFi      WiFi     and CAT5 connection  
  • Portable, take it with you!
  • Fingerprint sensor captures every employee punch securely stores it in the cloud
  • Choice of fingerprint or PIN punching based on business needs
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Data flows instantly and seamlessly from time clock to cloud for 24/7 access
  • All time and attendance data captured in cloud for lightning quick management
  • Required cloud subscription includes unlimited lifetime storage and software updates
  • Runs - reads and saves punches - even when disconnected from the Web
  • Support, 24/7 via chat, text telephone, and email
  • Efficient management of employees, roles, departments, and punch policies,
  • Create rules for rest times, mealtimes, overtime hours, holidays, pay periods, pay codes, punch rounding, accruals, shifts, and more
  •  Easily apply same or different rules by departments, groups, or individuals
  •  Simple department transfers ensure accuracy for allocating employee hours
  •  Real time alerts available via email or text for employee punch management
  •  Run reports on individual employees or across entire company or organization
  • Review reports on overtime, vacation, holiday, and all other hours
  • Export pay period hours in minutes
  • Tablet stores punches in offline mode and sends to cloud when reconnected