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Pyramid 4000R 50 emp. self totaling clock kit
Clock, cards and rack combo

Great starter system! 50 employees, self totaling time clock, 200 time cards, 25 employee time card rack. Made In U.S.A.

Our Price: $349.00
Pyramid 4000R kit

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 20 Pyramid Time CardsPyramid 44100-10 = 1000 cards$78.00
Click 174 Pyramid 4000 Time CardsPyramid 44100-10 = 500 cards$44.00
Click 411 Pyramid RibbonNewer Model Pyramid Ribbon$15.00
Click 257 Time Card Holder25 slot time card rack$31.00
Click 82 WorkShift Bell ModulePyramid 5300$129.00


 Pyramid 4000PRO 50 employee clock with time cards and card rack

  • 50 employees capacity
  • Self-Totaling time clock
  • Self-aligning: Just drop the card in, it prints and sends it out.
  • Prints the running total every time the employee punches out.
  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly pay periods
  • Allows for pay-to-the-minute, pay-to-the-100th, or 1/4 hour rounding
  • Prints in hours and minutes or military (0-23) and 100th's
  • Automatically resets for power outages and adjusts for daylight savings
  • Fast 2-minute setup, toll-free support if needed (USA people)
  • Optional plug-in module rings Pyramid bells
    Call us, we can make it ring your existing bell and buzzer system.
  • One Year Product Replacement Warranty, Made In USA

In the box:
One Pyramid 4000R 50 employee self-totaling time clock
Pyramid ribbon (installed)
Two keys
Owners manual
200 Pyramid time cards
24 employee expandable time card rack

UPC 818231769852

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Pyramid 44100-10 time cards

200 cards are included, order from us and always get the lowest possible price on cards and ribbons.