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Amano TS-3000i Automatic TimeSync Web Clock

Discontinued, see Amano TS4000i

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Amano TS-3000i

Read/download:  Quick Start Guide         Factory Brochure

* Assures financial institutions' compliance with FINRA OATS Rule 7430
   (formerly NASD OATS Rule 6953 & NYSE 132A)
* Automatically syncs directly to NIST or internal/external NTP time source
* Accurate: Maintains time less than 4/10 of a second over a 24 hour period once synchronized
* Plug n' play stand-alone web based with Zeroconf Protocol
* Quick and simple install, minimal IT staff involvement
* Event notification through SNMP  traps enable network administrators to centrally manage time
   clock performance
* Convenient systems support provided by visible alarms on time stamp imprint and LDC display
   should synchronization not occur
* Email notification of clock status and/or failure to synchronize time
* Power over Ethernet (PoE) optional accessory
* No service/desktop software required
* Transaction log files are maintained automatically in clock for up to 5 years with a normal sync
   schedule of 2 syncs/day and can be e-mailed, saved, or printed as desired
* Replicated the configuration of one clock to multiple clocks
* Effectively manage up to 32 separate internal and external NTP time servers
* Dynamic sync schedule of up to 12 times/day for improved accuracy
* Time on clocks password protected - providing total security

-> No need for professional installation, you can do this without the “show“.

-> Zero Configuration (Zeroconf) is a set of techniques that automatically creates a usable network IP
    without configuration or special services.  This allows non-experts to connect computers, networked
    printers, and other items together  and expect the to work automatically(!)
-> Supports DHCP - Dynamic Hosting, and 10/100 Base T Ethernet over existing network
-> Integral diagnostics, including LCD display, transaction reset, and manual time sync
-> Can print alphanumeric custom comments
-> Quick, easy cartridge ribbon replacements, automatic and/or manual print activation
-> Prints through 6 carbon copies
-> Time imprint formats include seconds as per FINRA OATS Rule 7430 requirements

* 110/120/230 VAC +\- 10%, 50/60 Hz (with PoE option, no need for AC power)
* Power Consumption - Normal: 4.5W, Max: 20W
* Communication - 10/100 Base T (auto-sensing), RJ45 network communication
* Ambient temperature:  14F - 113F  Humidity: 10% - 90%
* Dimensions:  7” High, 6“Deep, 6“ Wide    Weight:  5lbs     Table or wall mount
Warranty:  One year manufacturer's warranty (MFG in USA)