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Pyramid 5000+
5000+ self totaling clock

100 employees per pay period. New, faster printer, most modern design. Supports weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthy and monthly pay periods.

Our Price: $429.00

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 411 Pyramid RibbonNewer Model Pyramid Ribbon$15.00
Click 115 Surge ProtectorSurge Protector$15.00
Click 257 Time Card Holder25 slot time card rack$31.00
Click 168 Pyramid 4000 Time CardsPyramid 44100-10 = 200 cards$18.98
Click 174 Pyramid 4000 Time CardsPyramid 44100-10 = 500 cards$44.00
Click 20 Pyramid Time CardsPyramid 44100-10 = 1000 cards$78.00
Click 82 WorkShift Bell ModulePyramid 5300$129.00
Click 87 Pyramid Low Voltage Bell6" 24VDC, 95+ DB$90.00
Click 407 25 foot bell wire25 foot bell wire$19.95


100 employee self-totaling Pyramid 5000 time clock

Always in stock, Made in USA

Same day shipping
Unique, 3 button fast set-up
Drop the card in, it does the rest for you
Top loading, automatically aligns the card
Prints the running total on the card
Does NOT pay them overnight (if they forget to punch out)
30 day memory retention, in case of power outages
Automatically adjusts for daylight savings - user selectable

Adjusts for Leap Year, month changes
Keeps the time, even when the power is off
Prints totals in standard hours, or military and hundreth's
Includes integrated lunch start/end beeper, can also ring bells with optional module
New, easy to change ribbon (the major upgrade from the Pyramid 4000)
Uses the same time cards as the time-tested Pyramid 4000
One Year Product Exchange Warranty
Lifetime Technical Support

UPC 818235935468

Pyramid 4000 and Pyramid 5000 time card - one card fits both machines!

      Pyramid 4000 card.jpg

You can add the PTR5300 External Bell Module, and then run a dozen bells.

Call us, we know how to do this.  
Note:  It does everything you see in the image below, but does not use software.
           You will NOT see this screen, you will key it in using the three control buttons
            on the time clock itself.

  Pyramid 7000 C.jpg