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Lathem 2100HD Punch Clock
2100HD Punch Clock

Silent printing, silent operation, electronic version of Lathem's mechanical punch clocks. Requires Lathem E8 thermal time cards. This clock OUT OF STOCK indefinitely . . . consider the Amano TCX21 as

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Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 156 Lathem E8 One Week Time CardE8 Box of 1000$129.00
Click 152 Lathem E8-B Bi-Weekly Time CardsE8-B Box of 1000$165.00
Click 157 Lathem E8-S Semi-Monthly Time CardsE8-S Box of 1000$146.00
Click 257 Time Card Holder25 slot time card rack$31.00


Lathem 2100HD Employee Time Clock
One Year Factory Guarantee


  • Six user-selectable print formats (see tab for them)

  • Because it is now electronic, it instantly resets itself after power outages, corrects for month change, daylight savings, and leap year

  • Lifetime technical support

  • Ink-less printer means no messy ribbons to change

  • Uses ink-free E8 series time cards, available as weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly

  • Mounts on a wall or table.

  • UPC 818217517095

Lathem 2100HD print styles:

Choose your print style- no need to order it just one way, anymore.
Change it on-the-fly to adjust to your needs!

  1. Day, 12 HR Time in Minutes, AM/PM

  2. Day, 24 HR Time in Minutes

  3. Date, Day, 24 HR Time in Hundredths

  4. Date, Month, 12 HR Time in Minutes, AM/PM

  5. Date, Month, 24 HR Time in Minutes

  6. Date, Month, 24 HR Time in Hundredth

Tru-Align Time Cards, E8 series.  Weekly, bi-weekly and semi-monthly

Click on them in the list above to see examples of each.

             Weekly  E8                                Bi-Weekly  E8-B

Lathem 2100HD Owners Manual