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3 Day Watchman Clock Kit
Acroprint C-72 Guard Tour Clock

Acroprint 3 day basic watchman clock system with 5 stations and 1 year of report tapes

Our Price: $399.00
Watchman Clock System

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Click 726 Acroprint C72 Key StationsAcroprint Watchman Clock Stations$16.95
Click 725 C72 Report Disks, 1 year supplyC72 Report Disks$16.95


Acroprint C72 3 day basic watchmans clock 5 station kit


  1. One Quartz movement C-72 watchman clock
  2. Carrying strap, AA Battery, 
  3. Instructions and security key
  4. 5 station keys - numbers 1,2,3,4,and 5
  5. 5 station key boxes

This is a good, basic system.  You use this so that you guards become trained on walking the grounds.  One Year Acroprint-USA-Raliegh, NC Guarantee
Reports generated are a printed number (1,2,3,4,5 whatever) on a moving dial.  It's easy to see what times they were at the station (door, gate, pool, entrance, parking lot, loading dock, etc.)

Quartz Movement, easy-set up and operation.

One Year USA Guarantee from www.acroprint.com



Mechanical Watchman Clock by Acroprint


  • Key Print mechanism records key station location and time, with positive imprint on NCR circular chart disks
  • Each clock supports up to 30 checkpoints (stations):  15 numeric, and 15 alpha.
    - stations are sold separately

  • uses 72-hour disk to support patrols up to 3 days
  • Shock-resistant mounting and case provide high-impact protection
  • Rubber-coated case withstands harsh internal and external environments
  • ABS molded key stations allow indoor or outdoor use
  • Quartz movement and electronic timekeeping assure high accuracy and long life
  • Opening detector records each time the case is opened - stops tampering
  • Double casing lock also protects against tampering
  • Standard clock face display makes time easy to read


  • Provides tamper-proof record of patrol.  May help lower insurance costs.
  • Assures that security personnel make appointed rounds.
  • Protects against robberies, fires, and industrial accidents that often occur due to insufficient patrolling
  • Proves that the work, the patrolling, was actually done.
  • Maintains strict supervision of watchmen