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Pyramid Wireless Master Clock
Transmitter with Software

Pyramid wireless master clock, including TimeTrax software. Transmits at 915mhz, links to the Naval Observatory clock over the internet.

Our Price: $1,444.00

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 351 Pyramid Wireless 13" ClockSynchronized Clock$159.00
Click 421 Pyramid 4" 4-Digit Wireless Digital Clock9D44BR$309.60
Click 419 Pyramid 17" 24HR Wireless Electric Analog Clock9A17KLE$189.90
Click 418 17" Wireless Battery-Operated Analog Clock19A17JE$189.90
Click 435 Pyramid Wireless 4" 6 digit with seconds9D46SR Silver$420.30
Click 414 Wireless Synchronized Time TransmitterPyramid Master Clock$594.90


Pyramid Wireless synchronized master clock transmitter

  • Wireless 2,500' (1/2 mile) radius range
  • Signal-hopping 902 - 928 mhz frequency
  • Software is included
  • Captures time from the NTP or optional GPS
  • Can also run bells (via cable with Pyramid 5110)
  • POE to clocks if out of range
  • Add mini-masters as needed, using the same software
  • Plug-and Play installation, with technical support just an (888) call away
  • Three Year Product Replacement Guarantee
  • Frequency hopping design, always gets a good connection
  • Delivers dependable wireless synchronized clock signal through buildings and across campuses.
  • Designed to work in court houses, hospitals, manufacturing, schools, and multiple buildings.
  • No FCC license needed, it is the most simple to use plug-and-play system on the market.  Updates every 30 minutes, it's amazingly accurate.

UPC 044942791398


  • 2021: Up to 500,000 Sq Ft Coverage 
    ---  1/4 to 1/2 mile horizontal from center, up and down one to two floors
  • Add additional min-masters as needed
  • 128 channel 902 - 928MHz frequency-hopping technology
  • Transmits new time every 10 seconds
  • Sends RF time signal to an unlimited number of clocks
  • Field interfacing with other existing clock and sound systems
  • Internal clock and bright blue LED display for clear and accurate readout
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • 5” box top antenna, no external antenna is needed
  • Time source captured from NTP, GPS, and/or internal Network
  • Time source is from the internets NTP - within 2-0 seconds of Atomic Time
  • Solid, steel case housing for quick installation and longevity
  • Battery backup for maintenance-free use should the power fail
  • Note:  We use this same system in our office and shop!