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Wireless Synchronized Time Transmitter
Pyramid Master Clock

Synchronized Wireless Master Clock Time Transmitter. Channel hopping deep-signal technology. Made In USA.

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Click 418 17" Wireless Battery-Operated Analog Clock19A17JE$189.90
Click 419 Pyramid 17" 24HR Wireless Electric Analog Clock9A17KLE$189.90
Click 421 Pyramid 4" 4-Digit Wireless Digital Clock9D44BR$309.60
Click 351 Pyramid Wireless 13" ClockSynchronized Clock$159.00
Click 435 Pyramid Wireless 4" 6 digit with seconds9D46SR Silver$420.30
Click 414 Wireless Synchronized Time TransmitterPyramid Master Clock$594.90


Pyramid Wireless Transmitter - Rack or Wall mounted, no software 

Add to an existing Pyramid wireless master clock system that already has TimeTraxSync software.  The software will find this secondary transmitter - and others like it.  This extends the coverage range, and improves the signal.  

This has the same power as the main master transmitter.  It can be used as a signal booster, communicating to the original master via your ethernet network and boosting the signal, or used with the optional software, exactly the same way as the primary master clock.  Just a smaller footprint. Same hardware inside, smaller box. Shares the software with the original transmitter, boosting your coverage.

Typically one transmitter can handle three floors - center, one up, one down, and several hundred feed out.  Hospitals, office buildings, schools, may need more.  This solves that.  Plug it in to your network, the parent clock which came with the softwware will send the time signal, broadcasting it over a wider area.

All the electronic specifications of either of Pyramid's signal hopping clocks are the same.

S9DWXSLAUB Wall Mounted
SD9SXLSLAUB Shelf Mounted


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