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REL-DAU-8 Data Transfer Unit

ewest version data transfer unit for Detex Reliant M8000 series watchman clocks. Use for Detex Reliant, M8000 and ARIES watchman clocks.

Our Price: $192.00

REL-DTU  Detex Reliant and ARIES Watchman Data Transfer Unit

The current Detex Reliant uses the more compact 8000 reader.  It cannot be read by the earlier Reliant system.  The solution is to use this reader along side the older reader.  USB, you just plug it in and wait a minute.  Then the system "sees" it and you are up and running.

To be precise:  This is the unit that the upside down reader, the DAU (Digital Acquisition Unit) is standing on.  It is semi-clear plastic with a USB cable.