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Amano PR600 Watchman Clock

Always in Stock. Includes 1 box of ten Report Tape rolls, Carrying Strap, lock key and battery. New in the box.

Retail Price: $653.00
Our Price: $449.00

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 36 Amano PR600 Report TapeAmano watchman clock tapes$27.00
Click 142 Amano PR600 StationPR 600 Station, Complete$28.00
Click 158 Amano PR600 Station Key with chainPR600 Station key with chain$14.25
Click 157 Amano PR600 Keybox, non-lockingPR600 Keybox PR360155$18.00
Click 143 Amano PR600 K keyPR600 master case key$13.55


Amano PR600 Watchmans Clock

Quartz Movement, rugged machine.
Includes one new Amano PR600 Watchman clock with battery and carrying strap
one box of Amano PR600 report tapes
Checkpoint Stations are sold seperately.

Call if you have questions, we “know“ these machines!