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Loud 4" Industrial Buzzer
110V horn, 102db - adjustable volume

LOUD buzzer for production shops. 110VAC 102db adjustable shop buzzer.

Retail Price: $159.00
Our Price: $139.00

4" 110VAC Buzzer

Want to get THEIR ATTENTION???

This will do it.

LOUD 102 dB at 10 feet. Adjustable volume.

Draws .7 amps when sounding.

No special mounting boxes are needed, the back plate bolts to the wall, the front plate and horn connects to it. Easily connects to a 4“ electrical box, or to a wall. This is SOLID, it weighs 2.5 lbs.

Unlike quieter horns for less, this gets the job done

Applications: Cabinet shops, machine shops, playgrounds

Made in America, built like a small tank


It is just about always in stock

You have GOT to be wondering, what is this 96db, 102db, rating...

Using an Android app, we've been testing.

A bedroom at night in the country, windows closed:  28 - 32 db
A bedroom at night in the city with the windows closed:  42- 46 db

Office environment, people chattering:  62db

2018: Southwest Airlines 737 inside just behind the wing during takeoff  82 - 86
Same jet, landing with the reverse thrusters on: 
That ROAR you hear..  88 - 90 db

It seems that no one offers anything louder than 102db, max, unless it goes on a train, ocean liner, or fog horn.  In some cases loudspeakers are used on farms, we don't have them, but our equipment will ring them.

More bells or horns does not make it louder, it just makes it more pervasive - easier to hear through the machinery, across the rooms, over the land.