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PIX3000 battery
PIX3000x and PIX3000i battery

Factory Fresh Battery - non-stocking item, ships within one business day from Amano. No old batteries. P/N AJR-111000

Our Price: $45.00
Amano PIX3000 battery

Accessories & Supplies:

DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 148 Amano #700 metal keyAmano MJR, TCX, EX metal key$6.25
Click 6 Amano PIX / TCX Ribbon - RED $0.00
Click 3 Amano PIX / TCX RibbonPurple Ribbon Q: 1$9.95
Click 4 Amano PIX / TCX RibbonsPurple Ribbon Q: 12$79.00


Amano PIX3000 full power reserve battery
Never "in stock."  Reason:  They get old, the demand is low.
We always custom-order them.  ETA:  2 to 4 days (east coast vs west)
They are factory-fresh, direct from Amano.

Installation:  Instructions are included. 
Leave it plugged in, this should protect the existing time and date.
Once the battery is replaced, let it charge for 4 hours.
The clock actually runs off the battery.


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