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Incident Booklet

10 button Incident Pad. Register up to 99 different incidents in your Detex and Aries guard tour software

Our Price: $90.00
incident book

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DetailsIDProduct NameDescriptionPriceAdd To Cart
Click 76 Detex Reliant DAUDetex Reliant Reader$0.00
Click 487 Detex Reliant HolsterREL-HOL$15.50
Click 465 Detex Reliant Windows 10 DriversReliant WIN10/11 Software$155.00
Click 97 iButtonCheckpoint/station$5.25
Click 99 iButton Wall MountiButton ABS Mount$2.25


Detex Reliant Incident Book, also works with Acroprint ARIES systems

  • It's ten buttons, plus one Clear and one Enter button
  • 12 buttons, 10 are used for the incidents
  • In your software, you can preset up to 999 incidents
  • You simply touch the various buttons to get the number, it records that incident at that checkpoint, by that guard
  • Fits easily in a pocket.