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Web/Phone Punch

Icon WebPunch can easily be installed on a work-from-home PC. 
And on an Android or Apple iPhone
You install a simple shortcut on your desktop, and sign in through that.


Icon RTC1000 V2 Web Punch Clock
This requires the Icon RTC1000 Version 2 or higher.
Version 1 systems must be upgraded to V2 to run this feature.

The Web Punch Time Clock allows you to capture your employees punches anytime, anywhere using a browser based time clock that runs on LAN, WAN, Internet or a stationary computer.

Web Punch Time Clock is offered in packages of 5 licenses and will allow a maximum of 25 employees to clock IN using the Web browser interface.

The Web Punch Time clock also offers advanced functionality like IP location restrictions and GPS tracking to help better manage your employee's punches.

  • Employees clock IN and OUT from Web Browser over Intranet or Internet

  • Employees can view total hours, last punch

  • Break/Department transfer

  • The iPhone/Android GPS integration allows managers to actually view the employees location on Google Maps

  • There are no ongoing charges

While this works on iPhones and Androids, it can also work on a PC which is connected to the internet - such as at-home workers, on-site salesmen, etc.

WebPunch comes with the option to set up Authorized IP lists for each employee.
Basically you can set up which IP addresses are allowed.

They will have to set up remote access (via port forwarding) or set up an HTTP redirect - so that they could type in a web address to take them to the clock, like how http://rtcdemo.timeclockalerts.com will take you to a demo clock at Icon Time Systems.

Setup is straightforward, and Icon's technical support team will help you, if you need it.

Each Web Punch Clock application is good for up to 5 computers or 5 iPhones (and/or Androids). 5 employees may punch in and out of any of these terminals/phones. The limit is 5 phones, and 25 employees.