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Advanced Rules and Benefits
Advanced Rules and Benefits

Stopping early IN and late OUT punches, time that nothing gets done, is a real money saver! Also adds accruals.

Retail Price: $195.00
Our Price: $125.00
RTC1000 Rules

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Time Clock Rules (add-on)

Revision Zones:   THIS SAVES YOU MONEY by reducing Overtime Pay

Want to Round them IN from 6:20 - 7AM, early? 
It does not accrue pay time until 7AM
This is a variable setting, just an example

  1. Non-Worked Hours.  Paid Time Off, Training, etc., etcetera
  2. Editable OT1 and OT2 Multipliers.  1.5, or double time?  It's done here.
  3. Daily and Weekly OT2
  4. California Overtime
  5. Consecutive Day Overtime Rules
  6. Canada OT at 44 hours?  You can set it any way you need
  7. Benefit Tracking and Accruals
         ** Track and manage Vacation, Sick, and Personal Time benefits
         ** Automatic maximum accrual amounts, yearly carryover,
              and borrowing of benefits
         ** Enter in non-worked hours on the employee timecards such as
              off site work, bonuses, etc.