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Icon Email Alerts
Icon Email Alerts

e-Mails you pro-active alerts (who's approaching overtime, who just arrived or left), and more.

Our Price: $125.00
Icon Email Alerts - Unique and Powerful! Proactively email alerts to you across your network, and/or to your cell phone. Emails several people if you wish. The RTC1000 or the SB100 Pro can be set to automatically send email alerts to one or more managers. This "Alerts" can be email to a corporate or personal email accounts. Samples of Emails Alerts: Flag a particular employee to know when he/she arrive, or leave! Received instant updates of when people punch IN and OUT Too many hours today or yesterday “High Hours“ Too FEW hours for a particular employee - working less than assigned hours Who's Approaching Overtime - sends you an alert for this. For companies accessing their RTC1000 or SB100 Pro system through the Internet; Secure Server Data Encryption - SSL - is included to make exchanging sensitive information online secure.