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Mobility Pack - Emails you!
Mobility Pack Module

This sends emails to you, warning you about who is approaching Overtime, updates on IN/OUT, and more.

Retail Price: $175.00
Our Price: $125.00
RTC1000 Mobility Pack

Email  Alert Module

With this, the RTC1000 will send you, or anyone you choose, an email if an exception occurs that you have flagged
While you are not there, you will know what's going on

Emails Pro-active alerts to your personal email account
....Such as:

  1. Who's approaching Overtime
  2. Flag a particular person to know when they arrive, when they leave!
  3. Instant updates when people punch IN and OUT (see above)
  4. Too many hours today or yesterday “High Hours“  
  5. Plus a few customizable other things of your choosing
  6. Data Encription -Secure Server SSL - is also included
  7. Enhanced configuration capabilities, allows for integration with Gmail and other email clients