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50 Employee License

Upgrade your SB100Pro or TotalPass P400 to 50 employees with this.

Our Price: $95.00
Upgrade to 50 employees

Icon 50 employee capacity upgrade for SB100 Pro and TotalPass P400

Upgrades your SB100 Pro system from 25 employees to 50. It is an option code.
You order it, we email it. When placing the order, write your system serial number in the "note" box at check out.
How to retrieve your Icon system serial number:
Check the back of the terminal Example: D123-456-789
From the terminal keypad:
- 1) Press the LOCK button.
- 2) Enter your pass code (password number)
- 3) Using he arrows, scroll up or down until it says: "SERIAL NUMBER"
- 4) Quickly, write it down. You only have about 10 seconds before it resets.
- 5) Hit the clear button 3 times to exit the program.

From the PC: - 1) Log In. - 2) Click the HELP tab - 3) Click the About Your Clock tab ----- Call us if you have questions.