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Horn, 24VAC Buzzer
102 dB 4" loud adjustable buzzer

It's a very LOUD Horn. 24VAC is low voltage. Draws .7amps. We also stock them in 110VAC, and 24VD

Our Price: $139.00

4" 24VAC Factory Buzzer
Made by General Electric

This will get their attention....  It's loud and obnoxious

The Volume is adjustable!

You can hear it over a lot of machinery. It “cranks“.

If you mean business, this IS business
Gunmetal Gray
Corrosion resistant finish
Completely assembled

Patented “Adataplate” allows quick plug-in connection.
The horn simply plugs into a receptacle on this metal mounting plate.

Industrial applications only, not suitable for schools or quiet offices.
We have a lot of them out, we have installed them in-shop, and on locatio