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Icon Software 100 employee upgrade
Upgrade to 100 employees

Upgrade your Icon TimeVueLite 50 employee limit to 100. See how to do it on this page.

Retail Price: $175.00
Our Price: $125.00

TimeVueLite 50 upgrade to TimeVueLite 100 employees

Upgrading your TimeVue software is easy.  Simply click on the “Install Modules“ button on the lower left of the TimeVue Switchboard.  Enter the 24 letter upgrade code, select “YES“ then close that screen.  Close and restart your software (not your PC).  When you restart it, it will open with the upgrade, ready to go!

If this is an upgrade of an existing system, you must provide us with your serial number.   If you do not, we contact you for it, as all upgrades are serialized to the software.