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Network time clocks

AFR100 Facial Recognition clock
Amano AFR100/A976
Our Price: $495.00
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Facial Recognition is buddy-proof. Ethernet or WiFi constant communication, USB Thumb-Drive feature. 2 managers, 100 employees, and upgradeable. Read more here.
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Citadel OB2000 Tablet Clock
Citadel OB2000 Portable Tablet Time Clock
Our Price: $299.00
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7" TFT touch screen tablet portable time clock system. Part of the Citadel Time And Attendance Web Hosted time keeping system. Free Shipping USA-48 states!
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Citadel OB3000
Citadel OB3000 WiFi Tablet Time Clock System
Our Price: $369.00
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WiFi Web-Hosted biometric time clocking system by Citadel. Tablet time clock, great for offices, remote locations. Free Shipping, US-48 states
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Biometric time clock
Icon TotalPass Biometric with WiFi
Our Price: $499.00
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TOTALPASS P600 Biometric with WiFi, Ethernet and INTERNET. 100 employee biometric system, eliminates buddy punching.
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CFR20/20 WiFi
Facial Recognition System
Our Price: $349.00
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"No one comes to work without their face". Read the details, watch the video, below. WiFi and Network connection, time cards, department reports, and much more.
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Compumatic, MB1000 Facial Recognition System
Our Price: $649.95
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Just look at the clock, you are punched IN! Touchless operation. Free USA Shipping. Read and see the reports provided, below!
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We sell network time clocks. Connections with CAT5 Ethernet, and WiFi.  See them here, get the manuals, and save money with us.

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