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Why we recommend uAttend

After conducting extensive research and analysis of time and attendance systems, we recommend uAttend as the best time and attendance system for very small offices.

What makes uAttend such a valuable solution for very small businesses is that it offers nearly all of the bells and whistles of many of its larger competitors for just a fraction of the cost.

The system offers numerous ways to collect time and attendance data. Employees can use Web browsers, smartphones or telephones to enter their data. In addition, the system is also compatible with a variety of time clocks. You can choose between clocks that allow employees to punch in or out with a PIN code, ID badge, fingerprint or facial scan.

Many of the systems we looked at that were designed for very small businesses didn't work with traditional time clocks. We like that with uAttend, you have that option if you want it.

Besides keeping track of when employees come and go each day, the system also manages paid time off by tracking accruals of vacation and sick time. In addition, uAttend allows employees to request time off within the system, with managers having the option to either approve or deny it. Although most of the other systems we investigated tracked vacation and sick time, not all of them included the tools to actually submit time-off requests. We like that the complete paid-time-off process, from request to approval to accrual tracking, is all managed in one location.

With this system, businesses also have the ability to track the time employees spend working on specific projects. The job-tracking tool logs the exact amount of hours employees work on certain clients' assignments.

Very small businesses will also find the scheduling tool to be quite valuable. The system gives managers the ability to create shifts and assign individual or multiple employees to each one. As a way to ensure employees aren't showing up late or cutting out early, supervisors receive instant notifications with this feature when employees punch in or out outside of their scheduled shift.

uAttend includes a "Who's In/Out" board, which provides a quick snapshot of the employees who are currently working and the exact time they clocked in at.

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