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Looking for Peninsula Time Clock? We bought them.

Open Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 5PM.  Now you have an alternative. Florida Time Clock, Inc.  "Old School" Values, 21st Century Technology.

We are not Vietnam vets.
We don't speak Spanish or French, just English.
We are not minority owned of any sort, we never asked, never applied. We are just "Americans."

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We get no breaks - we don't ask for them.  We earn it.
If you can't reach Peninsula Time Clock, Call us. 
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Florida Time Clock, Inc.  Est. 1991
Saint Augustine, Florida
813 886-0636   or (800) 283-1001

We stock over $250K in new machine inventory, plus parts, mechancal clocks, electronic time and attendance systems, biometrics, and cloud hosted time clocking equipment.

We've been doing this since 1991.  If you search the web, you will find a goofball who is NOW in Tampa, he claims to have been in business since 1985, except.... he was born in 1967 and moved to Florida (from New Jersey) in 1998.

We work smart, we are very nice people.   Call us, or click on chat -> to the right.


Peninsula time clock closed when the owner died.  We purchased the assets from his family.