(813) 886-0636 Hillsborough
(800) 283-1001 Nationwide
Looking for Peninsula Time Clock? We are the competition.
Open Monday - Friday, 8:30 - 5PM.  Now you have an alternative.
Florida Time Clock, Inc.  "Old School" Values,  21st Century Technology.

We are not Vietnam vets.
We don't speak Spanish-just English.
We are not minority owned, we are just "Americans."
We get no breaks - we don't ask for them. 
We earn it.
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If you can't reach Peninsula Time Clock, Call us. 
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Florida Time Clock, Inc.  Est. 1991
10387 Gandy Blvd N. Suite 102D 
Saint Petersburg, FL  33702
813 886-0636   or (800) 283-1001

We are easy to find!
--  We are in a commercial plaza, not a residential neighborhood.
--  Find us this way:  1 mile west of Kahuna's bar.  1 mile west of the Dog Track.
--  100 yards west of Barney's Motorsports, we are in the Gandy Plaza,
     since 1992, when WE moved out of a house and into commercial space.

I-275 South to 4th Street, head south to Gandy, then west about 1 mile.

We answer our phones during normal business hours.

e have a staff of full time employees and partners. 
We occasionally answer the phones after 6PM, and on weekends.

We stock over $250K in new machine inventory,
plus parts, mechancal clocks, electronic time and attendance systems, biometrics, and cloud hosted time clocking equipment.

We've been doing this since 1991, which makes us quite "young" for this industry.
We have over one thousand of active accounts, and we are growing.

We do business with your friends
- Housewife Bakery, Holiday Inn, Mastro Subaru, Motel 8, Sharp Tree Farm, McGill Engineering, H.Lee Moffitt Cancer Center, Dr. Henry Wiley, Affordabale Catering, McNatts, Donatello Italian Restaurant, Pestex, car dealers, government agencies incuding the Tampa International Airport, the Transportation and Safety Administration, the Hillsborough County School System - and Hillsborough County Highway Department, LV Thompson, Ramos Marble, A&H Electrical, FDOT, Goodwill, Salvation Army, and so-on

We work smart, we are very nice people.   Call ahead, we'll have coffee ready.

Peninsula time clocks Inc. offers a wide range of employee time clocks, web based time attendance software, time cards, cards, ribbons, and time clock systems

employee time clocks, time cards, ribbons, systems, service, handscan, fingerprint readers, and timeclock supplies