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Hey Joe,
Good news, I figured it out without any more annoying calls ;)
I was doing 2 things wrong in regards to the Digi ONE sp:
1) When you install the digi one sp driver, first the install wizard tries to find the digi sp one on the network, if it doesn't find anything it will still "install" but when I did this it did not work. I took all of the equipment to where it was actually being moved to, our new warehouse, and did the same install, only this time the install wizard found the digi one sp on the LAN. I was closer, but this still did not get things going yet.. Main critical thing you could add to your online article of instructions (if you decide to stay promoting them) is "the digi install wizard must see your device on the network and you must select the IP address of the digi to install the port to."
2) Still in the install wizard, last step, window with many options, it defaults to TCP in the top left, I tried changing it to IP and typed in my digi's IP address, and everything worked great after that point.
Moral of the story, everything works great and I wanted to again thank you for your help, I know very well that most people do not go to the length you did to help us get up and running.
"I am barely I.T. literate, however Joe and Florida Time Clock really did go above and beyond what you might consider 'normal support' and set my small business up with top quality clock in machines and helped us route them remotely, its awesome! Thank you Joe and friends!!"
Leif Alexander
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