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Regarding Icon TimeVue Autopoll

Regarding Icon TimeVue Autopoll:

"Autopoll" automatically reaches out and grabs the information from the clock at preset times. 
It then brings it back in, sorts it out in your computer, then updates the data file
(which should be placed moved to the server +
for safety). If not, that should also be addressed at this time.

It will run from the computer that is currently running the software. 
The computer must be on for this action to occur. 
If not, it will wait until the next scheduled polling time. 
When it happens, a pop-up screen will, well, pop-up. 
It will interrupt your work for about 20 seconds. 
So if you were typing an email, it would momentarily interrupt you. 
Annoying, but not as annoying as having to stop, poll the clock, and have a discussion
with "Ed" or "Mary" at odd times when you have other things on you desk to attend to.

Our thoughts on this:  It's worth the interruption. 
Schedule it for an easy time to remember, and maybe one that you can get accustomed
to, like 8:25 AM  then 1:25PM, Monday - Friday.   Then you and your managers, know
that they can get fairly accurate ideas as to who is in, how many hours they
have, etc., after 8:30,  and afternoon, 1:30.  We have seen call centers
run it every 30 minutes, 24/5 (24 hours, Monday - Friday), but that seemed abit much.