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How to set the daylight savings in an Amano MJR time clock
It is time to proactively update your time clocks. This will take one minute of your time.
You will need the time clock key.

1 - 30 seconds: Take your time, you will be done sooner if you relax.
Standing in front of the clock, insert the #700 Amano key in the top, turn it to the right.
The display should go blank. Jiggle the key if it doesn't, these clocks have been working for many years..
With the display blank, enter 1 0 E then hit # and # again. You should see the time in 0-23 hours, and minutes.
If the time matches your cell phone, hit E. The display will go blank again.
If it does not match the time on your cell phone (imagine 1:46PM, it would read 1346), type in the correct time (1-3-4-6) and hit E.
31 - 59 seconds:
The display is blank. Press 2 0 E
Press 0 3 0 9 # 1 1 0 3 E then "I" (upper left).
The display will go blank.

Turn and remove the key, your machine has been updated for another year.